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SPARC products feature HD Radioâ„¢ Technology to deliver a superior experience


SPARC radio is the best choice for quality and price.

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High quality radio products with excellent designs at affordable prices.

More Stations, Digital Sound, Absolutely No Subscriptions

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The perfect balance between performance & cost


Discover subtle details and artistic nuances in your favorite radio stations like you’ve never heard before. HD Radio digital broadcasts capture the best sound ever. With SPARC products you can hear performances exactly as the artist intended them to be.

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  • SPARC products combine the best audio quality, appealing modern design at competitive prices.
  • Now there are not excuses, to be part of the technology that is revolutionizing the radio experience!

The design of all SPARC products is perfect for modern and active people. You can have all advantages of HD Radio Technology with you anywhere or enjoy your favorite radio station at home, giving it a touch of modernity. Radio never felt like this before.


Who we are & what we do

SPARC radio was born from opportunity. That opportunity was created just at the turn of the millennium as the analog world began to fade away and the digital era was being born. Radio consumption in the United States and around the world found itself at it’s zenith and, simultaneously, at a crossroad. New technologies were revolutionizing consumer electronics in every way imaginable. Recording a TV show had become known as “DVR-ing”, buying music would soon be being referred to as “downloading”, and taking a photograph (on a film camera) was now “snapping a pic” on a memory card.

AM/FM radio was something that a number of generations grew up with – both here and abroad. We all remember what song was playing when we had our first dance… when we first heard the news that the Apollo 13 had safely landed… or when Babe Ruth hit his 713th home run. Radio embodies the very fabric of our society and is a part of everyone’s life until this very day.

We built SPARC radio knowing that AM/FM radio has not been spared or passed-by by the revolution – it has been embraced and enhanced it. Each SPARC radio has been built knowing that the future is here and that the past is still a part of our everyday lives. Each SPARC radio works with both analog radio as well as the new digital signals that are part of airwaves.

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We created a number of different models in several shapes and sizes knowing that there would be one to fit your needs.